Transfer Agents

We are now a DTCC FAST participant agent.


FAST is The Depository Trust Company's Fast Automated Securities Transfer service. What makes it fast and automated is that it does away with paperwork and paper securities almost completely, so that securities transfer agents can electronically provide custody, transfer, deposit and withdrawal services very quickly and efficiently.

One feature of FAST is its balancing confirmation system, which delivers a daily record of the opening position, total credits, total debits and closing position in each FAST issue involved in a transaction the previous day.

FAST allows Empire Stock Transfer Inc. to be more competitive with other transfer agents by providing electronic processing alternatives to physical processing, such as direct registration (DRS) and Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC).

As a transfer agent and registrar, we maintain the master security holder file for public and private corporations and manage stock transfers on their behalf. In doing so, we relieve the burden of daily inquiries from shareholders, brokers and clearing agents. We also ensure that compulsory notifications are filed with such agencies as The Depository Trust Company, the FINRA (formerly NASD), and the CUSIP Service Bureau with respect to reorganization and stock issues.

Additional issuer services include:

Share certificate design and issuance
Provision of current and historical shareholder information and data
Proxy tabulation and dividend disbursement
Shareholder meeting and notification mailing

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